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Wolaver’s Wit Bier

By Andy Murphy
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Organic beer? I thought all beer was organic, at least until robots take over and demand the synthetic stuff.

But apparently we’re talking organic as in “no pesticides”; which is okay, because once they come, no pesticide is going to get rid of the robots, anyway.

Wolaver’s is one of the “nation’s original certified organic breweries“. According to the label, Wolaver’s beers “contain no preservatives, are not pasteurized and, like all fresh foods, will change over time”; and it warns this beer is “naturally cloudy due to a high percentage of raw local wheat”.

I’m intrigued, but starting to get a little concerned; I’ve had blind dates that came with fewer disclaimers.

Wolaver’s Wit Bier is a Belgian-style white. It poured yellow and a bit cloudy, without the strong aroma I was expecting — the label said the Wit Bier would taste of orange peel and coriander, so I was expecting it to smell like a Blue Moon. The first sip was surprisingly bitter — I guess I had expected it to taste like a Blue Moon, too.

The first half of the beer actually tasted like a pale ale with just a hint of citrus, and the coriander began to pop through as I continued to drink. It was interesting — but not well balanced.

I found a fair amount of sediment at the bottom of the bottle, so halfway through my brew I up-ended the bottle, tapped and rolled it side to side, and coaxed the yeast into the glass. I swirled it around a bit and the result was transformative — the beer became extremely cloudy, but sweeter. And the sweetness held the rest of the flavors together.

I’d like to see the robots figure out THAT trick.

Not a bad beer, but not great either. This is probably a beer I’d enjoy more if it were on tap, instead of sitting in a bottle since April of last year. Organic beer is surely better fresh. And that’s a sacrifice I’m willing to make, if it keeps the robots away.

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