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Victory Golden Monkey

By Andy Murphy
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victory_golden_monkeyWith today’s unfortunate news of a Connecticut chimp going bananas, drinking a strong beer named after a Monkey could be considered — well — to be in poor taste.

So let’s just consider this an attempt to balance out the primate news cycle.

Victory Golden Monkey is a Belgian-style Tripel with a fruity aroma and a strong, herbal punch. And unless my nose and taste buds are fooling me, this Monkey has been eating bananas — beneath the distinctive Belgian yeast and the clove spices are banana esters.

The beer’s 9.5% ABV is quite apparent. The alcohol is present in the taste and the aftertaste. While I enjoyed the first several sips of the Golden Monkey, the alcohol taste became a distraction and the overall flavor began to fall apart.

Strangely, as the taste shifted — starting with floral, spice, and herbal extremes, but then becoming more bready, yeasty, and malty sweet — the aroma seemed to pick up the elements that the flavor lost.

According to the label, this beer is:

A magical, mystical Monkey whose golden soul glows with the wisdom of ages. This warming, flavored ale is rich in the spirited tradition of Belgian-inspired brewing. Our Golden Monkey is both playfully delightful and profoundly satisfying. Exotic spices from the East round out this global journey to joy. Get on board. This Monkey’s bound for glory!

Okay? Ummm… Am I missing something? What the heck does that mean?

I enjoyed the beer, but overall I didn’t find the Golden Monkey to be very consistent. Would I drink another? Yes, absolutely. Would I select this beer over other Tripels? Probably not.

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Rate this article: 1 Star2 Stars3 Stars4 Stars5 Stars (4 votes, average: 4.50 out of 5)
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Absolutely LOVE this beer. Obviously, not a session beer with the high ABV. A few of these and - because of the heat - ya gotta move on. Nice monkey segue by the way. ;)

Equally good is Victory’s Stork King.


Eli, you make me want to take another crack at the Golden Monkey. The problem with my “one and done” rule is I’m forever stuck with first impressions. Funny thing about the Golden Monkey was it was like drinking two beers. I was thrilled about the first half, already composing an ode comparing the Golden Monkey to a fruitier Duvel, and I spent the last half of the beer trying to rekindle that first impression. A good beer, but one I’ll have to drink a few more times before I can really form a strong opinion about it. By the way, I really enjoy your BeerTapTV — I’m going to add a link so other BeerADay.net readers can find it easily.


Ahh, the brew that got me started on Belgians…. and it’s not even a Belgian.

Surely not the greatest tripel in the land. But it’s a pretty intense, complex brew that has to be respected and appreciated.

I’ve since moved on to bigger and badder brews, but the Golden Monkey will always have a special place in my heart.

Keep up the good work Victory!


Ah, Golden Monkey the Gateway Beer. Chodite, indulge me — what are your favorite Belgians? I’m planning a couple of weeks of Belgian and Belgian-style brews. Three Chimays; Affligem; Rochefort 6, 8, and 10; Achel; Orval… The Ommegang brews, Allagash… etc

Is that Clay Aiken getting handsy in your avatar?


Overall Andy, I’d say the Rochefort 10 is my favorite of the favorites. Honestly, ANY of the trappist ales are amazing. I would drink them all day, everyday if I could…

As far as easier-to-find Belgians, I’m a big fan of most tripels that come out of Belgian. My faves being Gouden Carolus, Westmalle & Tripel Karmeliet.

My absolute favorite tripel is one that you likely won’t find in the States. I was lucky enough to try it on tap during the ’09 Belgian Beer Fest at Maxs (Maxs.com) taphouse in Baltimore just a few weeks ago. It’s called De Dolle Dulle Teve… also known as Mad Bitch. Swear to God. Amazing tripel that I’d give just about anything to have access to on a daily basis.

But it was Victory’s Golden Monkey which opened my senses and lead me on the path of amazing, Belgian beer. I actually remember the 1-2 punch: Golden Monkey -> Delirium Tremens… and the rest is beautiful history!


And yes, that is Clay Aiken in my avatar :)


Best beer ever! Can’t get it in St. Louis….damn shame!


This is the worst beer I have ever tried. I couldnt finish it.

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