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Scrimshaw Pilsner

By Andy Murphy
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scrimshaw_blueEtch a nautical scene into the tooth of a whale, and you’re bound to get kicked out of Shamu’s tank at Sea World. But if you survive the experience, you can boast about having created a piece of artwork called scrimshaw.

Unfortunately — the beer named after the old whaling hobby failed to etch away my doubts about Pilsners.

Scrimshaw, by North Coast Brewing Company is a German style Pilsner beer. North Coast Brewing seems to have a great selection of beers, and I’m going to look for Red Seal Ale and Old Rasputin Imperial Stout. They also have a couple of Belgian style brews that really have me interested, such as Le Merle.

But I just can’t get very excited about pilsners, and Scrimshaw Pilsner is no exception.

It’s a crisp, dry beer. Very easy to drink, with a huge carbonation. There’s a sweet malt, with a slight yeasty bread taste. Hardly any hops that I can detect. I’m sure it’s a good German style pilsner, but I’m not jumping up and down about it.

If it were summertime and I were sitting on an ocean-side boardwalk eating fried fish, then Scrimshaw would certainly hit the spot.

But I wouldn’t be thinking much about the beer. . . I’d be wondering how many marine biologists have quit their jobs to become dentists.

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I love this beer! Where can one find it in grocery stores?

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