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Père Noël

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pere noel festiveMy wife and I usually select a Christmas Tree during the weekend after Thanksgiving, and we were thrilled to discover the farm down the road from us is selling trees this year. She and I stopped by the farm while walking our Boston Terrier, Caesar, who helped us sniff out a good one. After my wife and I dithered over the best tree for several minutes, Caesar weighed in with his selection by lifting his leg on a plump Fraser Fir.

I hope that means he liked it.

The tree went up on my shoulder, I carried it home (drawing chuckles from several people driving by), and our Christmas season officially began. We’ve been listening to Christmas music, drinking hot chocolate, and generally sickening all humbugs spying through our windows.

So it should come as no surprise that I’ve selected the “Hoppy Christmas Ale” from Belgium’s Brewery De Ranke. The beer — Père Noël (importehttps://beeraday.net/wp-content/themes/78rrjfm6bbe7twh8bv0pfq77807/files/beer/d by shelton brothers) — intimates the reason for Father Christmas’ jolly cheeks and rosy nose; the label depicts Santa embracing the frothy, 7% ABV Strong Pale Ale.

How can you turn down such unbridled Christmas Cheer? I imagine him saying, “HO, ho ho — I love you man!”

pere noelDe Ranke’s Père Noël poured deep gold with a frothy white head that climbed to the top of my tulip glass. As the yeast sediment splashed into the glass, Père Noël darkened to a coppery amber.

The aroma is hoppy, floral, and full of tart, juicy fruit. The yeast creates a soft aroma of brown banana peel, and the aroma isn’t very spicy at all. Underneath the fruit and floral hops is a deep, caramel-sweet malt aroma — no wonder Saint Nick is is so cozy with this brew!

Père Noël initially tastes fruity-sweet, growing hoppy as the ale slides across your tongue. The alcohol tingles pleasantly at the finish, and bitterness rushes up to create a smooth and lingering aftertaste. It’s a beer that blends bitter and sweet (naughty and nice?) with a deft hand.

I’d love to ask Santa if he’d bring me a few bottles of De Ranke’s Père Noël this Christmas, but I’m afraid that jolly old elf would drink it all before he arrives at my house — and I don’t want to be responsible for another Grandma getting run over by a reindeer.

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Rate this article: 1 Star2 Stars3 Stars4 Stars5 Stars (4 votes, average: 4.50 out of 5)
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