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Palmetto Amber


4:39 pm
March 27, 2009



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I usually make an effort to try a local brew when I'm in a new area.  I spent last week near Charleston South Carolina.  The only local brew that I managed to find in the restaurants was Palmetto.  For some reason, I expected this beer to be bad.  Usually an Amber isn't my first choice but it became my 1st through probably 6th choice while eating out in S.C.  It was a surprisingly good and easy to drink beer.  I wouldn't call it a great beer but it is hard to find any fault.  I honestly tried.  I even had a second beer one time for the sole purpose of finding something to complain about on this site. 

It's a good, solid, and very drinkable beer.  You should add to your fridge if you can find it.  Maybe someone with a better sense of taste could find some fault.

12:42 am
March 28, 2009

Andy Murphy


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Hugheser, you won't find a bigger advocate of “if you like it, drink it” than me! 

Ambers can vary — some are very hoppy, others express more of a caramel malt with a lighter hoppiness.  I believe that ambers are “where the rubber meets the road” between fans of malt and fans of hops, and can serve as a transition into hops.  I'll take a stab and guess you aren't a big a fan of strong hoppy ambers or IPAs?

I've learned — quite literally through this one a day project — that hops make up at least some amount of the flavor in most beer.  So I believe every beer drinker can appreciate a hoppy beer — different hops can provide a variety of flavors, and the other ingredients (what type and amount of malt, addition of sugar, spice, etc) also strongly impact the overall flavor profile of the beer.  IBU ratings are often estimated (exaggerated) or at best misleading.  I've had 100+ IBU beers this year that have completely different flavor profiles.

With the way the craft brew market has been evolving and experimenting, it's very hard to paint with a broad brush based on style.  The only way to know if you like a beer is through the method you are using — you try new beer when you can.  You are already far ahead of the curve.

Congrats on finding a good beer and expanding your appreciation of ambers, and thank you very much for sharing it!

By the way - Palmetto Amber is getting some good reviews:


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