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New Belgium Beer


6:19 pm
April 24, 2009



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Just read today on indianabrew.com that New Belgium (Fat Tire) is coming to Indiana this weekend, just in time for little 500. I had some when I was in Colorado visiting friends and really enjoyed it. Gonna have to stop at Big Red Thursday on my way home from class!

1:33 pm
May 2, 2009

Andy Murphy


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Post edited 1:34 pm - May 2, 2009 by Andy Murphy

I made a quick trip to Indianapolis earlier this week, and I was pleased to see Fat Tire in a liquor store I visited.

Quick story - my ziplock back of 3 oz toiletries broke while I was packing to leave, so I decided to check my carry on rather than throw out my mouthwash.  As I was filling up the rental car with gas, I noticed a liquor store across the street and went in searching for Goose Island's 312 — which I can't find on the east coast.  Hey, if I'm checking my bag, I may as well bring back a bottle of beer!

I paid $15 to have them check my bag, and of course it got mistagged and lost.  That bottle of Goose Island brewed in Chicago and trucked to Indianapolis then flew to Detroit, then to Miami, and then to Manchester NH where they drove it to me in MA.  That's a well traveled bottle of beer!

I nearly put a bottle of Fat Tire in the bag too - but I think I can get it here.  Not sure, but I think I can…

Finally, Fat Tire has its recommended serving temp on the side of the bottle.  I think it is 45 degrees.  When I was in Texas, my colleagues drank it and remarked on how flavorless it was — I touched the bottle and found it ice cold.

Let your Fat Tire warm up to 45 degrees and drink it in a wide mouthed glass — I bet you'll enjoy it more.  I haven't had one yet, so let me know what you think!

8:25 pm
May 22, 2009



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Stacey picked me up a 12-pack of it…in cans today. Gonna crack one open tomorrow night after we finish working on the deck. thanks for the advice on the temperature. will let it warm up a bit before drinking.

Also got some Thirsty Dog Siberian Night Russian Imperial Stout, and a case of bud light in bottles for the proletariat that help me with my deck.

4:04 pm
May 24, 2009



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had a couple last night. you're spot on with the temperature. i drank the first drink of the second straight out of the fridge, and it wasn't nearly as good.

for being a canned beer, it didn't have the canned flavor. thumbs up!

8:22 pm
May 25, 2009

Andy Murphy


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Glad you enjoyed it — and I'm glad the temp advice was on the mark!  Because I only get one shot at trying a beer, I tend to let most of them sit on the counter for at least 20 minutes.  It also helps with the creation of head.  (If you have a spotlessly clean glass and pour it right down the middle, you'll be rewarded with a great head that aerates the beer and improves both the aroma and the flavor.) Don't try any of the above with a Coors, or you'll regret it!  :-)

Hopefully I'll get my hands on a Fat Tire during my next beer run…

1:08 pm
June 1, 2009




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Post edited 1:23 pm - June 1, 2009 by margaretp

     Every spring New Belguim makes their Special Spring beer. They make 1 batch only ever. I was lucky enough to pick up my 6 pack last weekend right before they sold out of it  A really good beer is my own little reward to self after much lawn work/gardening/landscaping on my property  . Last year it was ”Skinny Dip” and I LOVED IT! Its to bad they will never make it again…


     Any, this year's its “Mighty Arrow” which made me laugh a bit considering all the problems I have had with neighbor harrassment/stalking all spring… This is also why I'm just now posting this! I work out of my home office and sometimes its difficult to get anything accomplished… I had to shoot a few mighty arrows myself to get them to leave me alone! 


     Ah, “Mighty Arrow” was a little bitter at first, but no bitter aftertaste and I still enjoyed it very much I still wish I had the “Skinny Dip” from last year though (shoulda stocked up ).


    No matter New Belgium puts out some great beer   And someday I hope to attend their annual festival in the mountains where I grew up I live in the city now and miss home .

    Ok, just thought I'd share that here on Beer A Day  Love this site Andy, very cool  I'll try and stop in again when I taste a new flavor. There are a few microbreweries here that I sometimes frequent when I get out


ps: sorry if the last pic is a bit blurry, focus a little off because that was #3, and hey I didn't promise to have just 1 beer a day  cheers!

ROCK ON!! MargaretP

1:44 pm
June 7, 2009

Andy Murphy


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margaretp, great pictures and thank you for the very lively post!  You should take a series of photos in which the beer bottle travels the world… Keep the recommendations coming.


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