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Left Hand Milk Stout

By Andy Murphy
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One of the joys of this project has been, by design, discovering great new craft brewing companies. This helps offset the pain of not being able to try several of their beers at the same time.

But only a little.

Today’s beer, from Left Hand Brewing Company, is just one beer out of what looks to be a spectacular lineup of Left Hand brews. And a quick scan of their distribution network makes me think many of you will be able to try a bottle of Left Hand. (Sorry John D, it doesn’t look like Oregon is on their list.)

But I can’t completely “kowtow” to the Milk Stout. Poured into a goblet, no head formed, which really disappointed me. After a few flat seconds, a thin layer of foam quickly developed from nothing, and returned there just as fast.

“It’s a dud!” was my first thought.

My second thought, you ask? “It’s a milk dud!”

Fortunately, the beer wasn’t “udderly” disappointing. The stout had a roasted coffee aroma and a dark brown, almost black body. The java flavor dominated the taste in the beginning, but gradually gave way to a chocolaty, oatmealy, toasty malt.

I’ve had many porters and stouts that aim for the coffee essence and simply go overboard. But the Milk Stout doesn’t “curdle” your taste buds with an overpowering, or “bull”ying, taste. So if you are less adventurous in your beer drinking, you won’t have to “steer” clear of Left Hand’s Milk Stout. It’s a fairly sweet, completely accessible, and thoroughly drinkable beer.

And this is despite having a bottle that was fairly flat!

Unlike the cow on the label, this beer has a fairly light body and creamy mouth feel. In fact, toward the end of the glass, the chocolate malt and the creaminess made me think of chocolate milk.

If any of you try some Left Hand brews, please let me know what you think. I’d like to work a few more into my rotation this year.

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One of my favorite dinners at home is just some sausage, scrambled eggs, and toast. I finally picked up a couple bottles of this beer, and that dinner just got twice as good. Thanks for the tip.

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