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He Said, She Said


2:13 pm
February 8, 2009



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Yesterday’s beer was DFH’s Pangaea.  A ginger infused malt beverage with enough alcohol content that drinking the whole 25oz bottle would be enough to call it a night.  Pangaea is named for the tireless effort of DFH staff to pull ingredients from all corners of the globe.  Probably the most herculean stunt was brewing the beer with water straight from Antarctica.  However, despite its unifying global message, this week’s beer split an opinion wider than the Mid-Atlantic Ridge.

He Said:  Without a doubt, this was the first malt liquor concoction I’ve tasted that could be respectfully served outside of a paper bag and without a jolly rancher.  It was distinct, it was gingery, and it certainly was something I could see breaking out for a crowd appreciative of the wide world of craft beer.  I appreciate Pangaea’s uniqueness and raise a pinky salute from my glass to this classy malt beverage fave.

However, no matter how gingery the beer tastes… I would fight the urge to mix in vodka for a Moscow Mule.  Not that I’m speaking from experience.

She Said: With all due respect to my tasting colleague and husband, this ginger-infused misfortune gave me no sense of the good will he offers. The best I could provide as I frowned at the monolithic bottle was regret that “Pan-gee-I-wish this wasn’t my first beer to review.” It was a sad and soggy series of sips for a long-time lover of Dogfish Head’s Raison D’Extra and the multi-minute IPA sequence. Adding upset to my expectations was the belief that the rich copper color that Pangaea glowed would provide the same pleasant hop-malt balance I expect and enjoy from similarly colored brews.  I learned yesterday, however, that my favorite color of beer can also taste like damp mothball tang.

There is one logic-leaping explanation for our divergent reviews – the rules. Dogfish Head’s Pangaea suggests you sip this malt beverage out of a wine glass. I balked and used a pilsner glass picked up after a tour of the Coors brewery while my tasting colleague uncharacteristically followed the instructions.  He enjoyed it, I didn’t.

So I will leave you with a fair warning - if you’re going to drink this malt beverage, I highly recommend offering it in a fancy glass to distract you and others from the (god forbid) honest tasting experience I endured.  


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