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Duvel will forever be associated with my wedding.

I discovered Duvel while seeking a wedding reception venue with my wife and her parents. The event sales person plied me and my father-in-law with champagne and then bought us dinner.

Luring me with premium food and drink can be a very effective strategy, and our sales person must have seen me coming a mile away.

“Order what you want,” she said. “It’s on the house, and we’ll talk about your decision afterward…”

My father-in-law is a Coors Light man, but during the dinner our waiter suggested Duvel. After goggling at the per-bottle price on the menu, we remembered that somebody else was paying and ordered a round.

In the end, I think there were at least 3 or 4 rounds, but it’s hard to keep track of any 8.5% ABV beer. They tend to make you forget how many you’ve had, especially one that is so incredibly drinkable. Duvel goes down smoothly, and the only hint of its high alcohol content is that warm feeling washing over you toward the end of the first glass.

We weren’t in much shape for negotiating after that meal, but we still managed to book the venue with one important condition — that Duvel be available throughout the reception for the me and the Father of the Bride.

Ever since discovering Duvel, my father-in-law and I usually have a few glasses of Duvel when we get together. Tonight was no exception. He and I have birthdays coming up, so we had a birthday toast with Duvel tonight.

With a sly smile, and knowing the rules of this challenge expressly forbid drinking a second beer, he offered me another. “You sure? It’s really good! Guess I’ll have to drink it for you…” I’m on Day 3 now, but already it’s becoming apparent how difficult this regimen will be.

The bottle describes Duvel as an…

“…intense, aromatic, and beguiling ale. This Belgian favorite is best enjoyed chilled with discerning friends or good-looking strangers.”

I describe Duvel as “somewhat like a strong wheat beer”. But that’s really not doing it justice. You’re just going to have to try this Belgian Golden Ale yourself. And if you can, make sure you are at a Belgian-style pub eating a bowl of steamed mussels. Duvel goes with many foods, but nothing pairs with Duvel quite like steamed mussels.

Pouring Duvel is an art in itself. Take care not to upset the bottle — if you disturb the beer, it’s apt to get angry and explode all over the room. Learn from my mistakes — you don’t want to pour a $9 bottle of beer on the kitchen floor, do you? Follow the instructions on the bottle’s label and “Pour Unhurriedly”.

To learn more about the Duvel tulip glass, and for a step by step tutorial on the proper method for pouring Duvel, visit DuvelUSA.com.

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You dig the Pinot Noir?
Maybe I should try to ship you some wines too since you’re limited on beer consumption. Seems like a good excuse to expand the pallet. What are the laws like in Mass? I’ve got some shipping tricks up my sleeve.


At dinner tonight, I drank a Malbec. But I do enjoy Pinot Noir. I also bought a bottle of Port recently, and a 1.75 liter bottle of Buffalo Trace bourbon.

I’ll likely be writing more posts about what I’m drinking on the side, now that I can’t drink more than 1 beer a day.

Recently, I was asked if I could drink cider. Technically, that’s not beer — so it’s a good question.

Mass laws are tough on shipping. But I’m near the border, so I’ll have to find out if I can manage pickup. Don’t mail anything until I get some legal advice… :-)


Sounds like a beer I need to try.


Mmm. As a fan of Belgian wheat beers in general, this is something I would love to try. Thanks for the tip. The site looks GREAT!!


JillD, thanks for the kudos. I chose the Wolaver’s in part because of your comment about Belgian wheat beers. Not a bad beer, but as Randy Jackson says, I’m not jumping up and down about it.


You need to get yourself a box at a UPS store in Nashua. “Live Free or Die Man,” surely NH doesn’t harsh on the beer shipping.


Probably THE greatest “mainstream” of the Belgians.
Can never go wrong with a Duvel.

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