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Dick’s IPA


6:09 pm
March 14, 2009

John D


posts 7


Dick's beer is usually above my $7.99/6-pack threshold, but it was on sale for a mere $6.99 at my local grocery, so I picked up a six of IPA and a six of Dick's Best Bitter, which has an old-timey picture on the label that always reminds me of Bad Elmer's Porter.

I haven't cracked open a bitter yet, but as for the IPA, it seems really malty for an IPA, a little more english style perhaps. Its still quite bitter, but not so much of the metallic pucker I find in lots of IPA's in the northwest. (not that that's a bad thing.)

As it warms it tastes spicy, hints of coriander and maybe even a little curry flavors, is it just my imagination, or did they take the “India” a little too literally?

Not my favorite IPA, but worth a try if you can find it in your neck of the woods. The distribution seems pretty local, they're based out of Centralia, WA, which just as the name indicates, is halfway between Portland and Seattle. Its easy to find in Greater Cascadia, but not sure about the rest of the world.

Oh, and it was a lot of fun to trade innuendo-laced chit chat with the New Season's employees about how cheap the Dick's were.

11:10 pm
March 14, 2009

Andy Murphy


posts 23


Sounds great - and yes, I'm snickering like a schoolboy over the Dick's Bitter…

Keep your beer recommendations coming!  I'm still trying to track down some Deschutes…


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