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Coors Light

By Andy Murphy
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My, how times have changed.

I used to drink Coors Light at a friend’s house while eating pizza and playing PlayStation in college.

Tonight, I drank Coors Light at home while eating rigatoni pasta with steak and portabella mushrooms. And I would break out the Wii, but I can’t stay up late because I have work in the morning.

The Silver Bullet hasn’t changed, though. I know you don’t want to hear about how there’s almost no foam on the pour from the can, or how the sickly pale yellow of the beer looked less like actual beer and more like the third cup from an over-used tea bag.

You don’t care, and you shouldn’t care.

This beer is an old stand-by. When you’ve spent the day clearing brush from the yard, chopping wood for the fireplace, or driving your four ton 4×4 through the Rocky Mountains to fix some problem up on “the Rig” (or whatever they do in those commercials) — then if you’re like me, the last thing you want to do is to spend time appreciating your beer.

Sometimes I just want to drink my beer, not buy it flowers or invite it upstairs for heavy petting.

Coors hasn’t messed around with the formula for Rocky Mountain Refreshment, but they’ve sure been a leader in package innovation. Converting the beer case into a travel cooler is pretty nifty in my book. And I don’t know if the “vented” wide mouth can with its Frost Brew® Liner and temperature indicator really make the beer taste any different, but those features sure give Coors something to advertise.

If you don’t believe me, just try building an ad campaign around Nana’s used Lipton bag.

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Rate this article: 1 Star2 Stars3 Stars4 Stars5 Stars (1 votes, average: 5.00 out of 5)
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The real point of that temperature indicator is to make sure you get the stuff cold enough that you don’t actually taste it.


american lagers are good for one thing, getting drunk. i don’t need no fancy indicators or packaging for that!


Going to a football or baseball game wouldn’t be the same without a Coors Light, a Bud, or a Miller Lite. I’ve gotten in the “premium beer” line a few times — the line is always shorter — but yelling down at the football field or cheering for a home run isn’t the same when your beer is darker than your knock-off team jersey.


Living only ten minutes from Golden, CO, home of the Coors Brewery, I had the opportunity to take a tour of the Brewery with my Dad when he visited two years ago. As our tour began, our tour guide said that during our tour we’d sample the coldest, freshest beer we’d ever. Twenty minutes later, as we came to the tasting portion of our tour, we both had a glass of Coors Light, straight from the brewery we had just walked through. And ya know what? It tasted like regular, crappy Coors Light that you’d get any where else.

The one good thing that came of that trip to Golden was lunch. Dad and I ate at a nice restaurant in downtown Golden where I ordered my first Franziskaner, a high quality German wheat beer that has become one of my favorites. If you ever find yourself in Golden, I suggest taking the tour (it’s still kind of neat) but skipping the sample portion of the tour and then ordering a nice, cold Franziskaner in downtown Golden.


Seth, you can’t skip the 3 free beers at the end of the tour. I even made Stacey get hers when we were there 2 years ago and she was 6 months pregnant. talk about dirty looks.

my buddy said they would even take the “short” tour and go straight to the bar for the free beer after class when he was in grad school there.


I understand and agree with the Bro Code Rule of never being able to pass up free beer, but free beer doesn’t always mean good beer… does it?

How about this: if you pass up the three free beers at the end of the tour the next time you’re in Golden, CO, I’ll buy you three Franziskaners afterward.

That offer goes for you and all other Bloomfield alums who ever head west.* (Or, in Denny’s case, heads east.)

*This offer is null and void when I leave Denver.


free beer isn’t necessarily good beer, but the best kind of beer is free!

it’s a deal!


Coors Light has its purpose and when it comes to cheap, cold, casual consumption - it is a solid stand by.

I know what good beer tastes like and when I reach for a silver bullet, I dont care about nor do I want a Franziskaners or Frankenstein for that matter.

I want to get a buzz, not get filled up, and be able to enjoy the 8 ponds of hot dogs, steak tips and sausage that I am about to consume at the Patriots tail gate party I am attending.

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