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Budweiser American Ale


7:36 pm
January 20, 2009



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As a treat to myself for working out 2x this week so far, and being down to my lowest fighting weight since at least early Freshman year of college, I decided to have a beer.

So I was at Wal-Mart, a month or so ago, and I'm a sucker for new packaging, and new takes on old favorites (guacamole flavored pringles anyone?). I happened across a six-pack of the new Budweiser American Ale.

I find it odd that they decide to make an “American Ale” AFTER being bought by InBev…

Anyway, my first impression, upon twisting the cap off was, “Damn, a bud that's not a twistoff? Where'd I put my bottle opener?”

I'm not all fancy like Andy, I'm drinking this straight out of the bottle, so I don't know what color it is. However, it's got a good flavor for a company that is known to deal in high volumes of relatively cheap beer. It's a little hoppier and richer than Budweiser or Bud Light, but has a distinct Bud flavor to it.

The bottle says, “Genuine Budweiser American Ale defines a new style of ale - The American Ale - created by Aneuser-Busch brewmasters to deliver robust ale taste that's full-bodied, but not too heavy nor too bitter.”

The side of the label goes on to say, “Carefully brewed with barley from America's Heartland and Cascade hops from the Pacific Northwest, this rich amber-colored ale has robust flavor and a distinctive, hoppy finish.

Personally, I like my beers a bit heavier and more bitter, or at least more hoppy. Would I buy more? yeah probably, if the local package store doesn't have anything better too offer, but I'd take any one of the beers on Andy's list, except Coors, any day. It's worth a try, and a fairly cheap Ale to keep around just in case you're thirsty.


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