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Bourbon Barrel Stout

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Bourbon Barrel StoutFolks, I’m still alive and drinking exactly one beer a day. I’ve had to recalibrate my expectations — my beer notes have been going into Twitter (@beeraday) rather than BeerADay.net. My Twitter feed loads on this website, but you won’t see it if you only subscribe to the blog via RSS.

More on what’s been taking my focus will be posted in the next entry. But today, let’s focus on Bluegrass Brewing Company’s Bourbon Barrel Stout.

Bluegrass Brewing Company ages this stout for 60 days in barrels that once held Jefferson’s Reserve Bourbon. I lucked into this bottle through an arrangement with Twitter user @DrewDockery. I’m extremely grateful — not just to have a beer sponsored, but also to have a chance to taste beer aged in barrels from my favorite bourbon!

The beer poured dark and chocolatey, with a creamy foam the formed quickly but receded easily. My bottle emptied and speckled the bottom of a tulip glass with brown sediment, suggesting stars against the midnight pitch. The small clumps had no discernible impact on taste.

Did I expect the Bourbon Barrel Stout to taste strongly of Jefferson’s Reserve? No, but I did hope to recognize its signature flavors. One of my favorite aspects of Jefferson’s Reserve Bourbon is its dark fruit essence. That fig-like sweetness gives the bourbon character and complexity that have found a place in my bourbon-loving heart.

The stout doesn’t taste strongly of bourbon, but I’m quite pleased I didn’t get what I wished for.

Bourbon Barrel Stout has a pleasant aroma, distinct but not overwhelming. It’s a sweet smell — milk chocolate, cherry-vanilla and oak. I poured the beer at a temperature of about 50 degrees, but it took a few swirls in the tulip glass to give the scent its wings.

On the tongue, the stout presents more like a robust porter than I would have guessed. Roasted malt came across as smokey, with hints of charcoal at mid-palate. The oak and chocolate malt combine with hints of bourbon to create a sweetness with suggestions of molasses. The vanilla-fig taste I love in Jefferson Reserve flits about in the aftertaste before giving way to a delicate sweet, roasted malt finish.

Bourbon Barrel Stout feels very light in the mouth, and there’s almost no indication of the strong alcohol content. This beer has an 8% ABV rating, but nothing comes across as bold — it’s an easy going, pleasant, slightly sweet stout. If you like porters or smokey brown ales, this is the stout for you.

For more on Bourbon Barrel Stout, see the video below made by BourbonBlog.com:

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I’m honored to see this inspired a proper post!


:-) thanks for the beer, and for reading despite my hiatus!


I’m pretty sure if I had to choose one beer style for the rest of my life, it would be a bourbon barrel aged stout / double IPA / barleywine / anything! Good stuff.


Had a couple this past weekend in Bloomfield at the Pepperoni Grill. Quite enjoyable, but served too cold!

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