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Blue Point Brewing Toasted Lager

By Andy Murphy
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This weekend I’ll be heading to NYC to celebrate my birthday with friends, so I thought I’d turn to The Blue Point Brewing Company of Long Island to get a little New York flavor this week.

Fortunately, Toasted Lager by Blue Point Brewing tastes much better than I image New York does. In fact, the Toasted Lager won the 2006 Gold Award for American Style Amber Lager at the World Beer Cup Awards.

The beer is beautiful in the glass, a rich amber. Good foam head that dissipated quickly.

After having such strong-flavored beers over the last few days, the Toasted Lager tastes even better. The malt is very well-balanced; not too sweet, held up by just a light bitterness. There’s a little bit of spice I recognize from one of my Winter Lagers, but I can’t place it. There’s just enough to make it very well-rounded for taste, but not enough to dominate the taste.

I really enjoy this beer, and I genuinely would like another. The beer is relaxing and refreshing but doesn’t cop out — there’s real flavor here in the Toasted Lager. Maybe this is a good omen for my trip to New York?

If you’d like to try Blue Point brews, they have distribution throughout New York, Massachusetts, Maryland, and Pennsylvania.

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