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Comments & BEERecovery Plan

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Huge thanks go out to mdkellyIU for alerting me to a bug on this site. In an attempt to block SPAM from the comments, I began blocking real comments too.

For all of you who may have tried to comment over the past few days, the comments feature should be working now!

And just in time, because here’s something worth talking about.

Beer’s Stay-At-Home Image May Give It Boost In Downturn:

Beer, like other alcohol categories, faces its own set of challenges as consumers become more thrifty. Sales of alcohol in bars and restaurants have fallen, as consumers spend less on eating out. Consumers are showing signs of changing many consumption patterns.

“I think you are seeing what we would call trading-down activity in alcoholic beverages,” said Lauren Torres, an analyst at HSBC Global Research, noting there has been an improvement in the beer market this year. “People are changing their habits. For instance, they’re not consuming as much in bars and restaurants, but they are still consuming at home.”

Because of the convenience afforded to me by my stockpile and the reduced amount of temptation (comparatively speaking), I’ve preferred to drink my single “Beer A Day” at home in the evening instead of out at a bar or restaurant.

Unfortunately, drinking singles hasn’t been the cheapest way to consume beer. Especially since most of my beer arsenal is composed of pricey craft brews.

But now I see that I’m actually contributing to the Beer Economy just at the right moment.

When I save the industry with my BEERecovery plan, I hope the world is kind enough to raise a shrine in my honor. Frankly, I’d be happy just to have someone will raise up a Shiner Bock in my honor…

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Filling in the Blanks

Posted by: Andy Murphy | Comments (0)

I’ve written about the first beer I drank during my trip to New York.

The post was “back dated” so that information about the beer appears on the date I actually drank it. I’m planning to create a calendar interface for the archives, and back dating the post will make it easier to tie the beer and the consumption dates together.

For those of you reading via RSS, its possible that back dated posts may not be immediately visible. So here’s a link directly to the January 8th beer.

Take care, and do continue to let me know what you think. I’ve taken many of your suggestions to heart, and I’m building out the changes a piece at a time.

Thank you, and happy beer drinking!

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Hello From New York

Posted by: Andy Murphy | Comments (0)

Just a quick mobile post to let everyone know Beer A Day is still going strong in the Big Apple. I’ll write more about yesterday’s beer soon.

My mission for today is to find a unique beer. How hard could that be?

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Bottle Aged

Posted by: Andy Murphy | Comments (4)

This weekend marks my 30th birthday, and fortunately I’ve been too busy planning this website to bemoan the loss of my 20′s.

I’ll be spending a few days in New York City. I might not be able to post every day, but I’ll still be drinking one unique beer each day — no more, and no less.

Hopefully I’ll have Internet access and I’ll write a post about each beer as soon as I can.

What should I drink on my birthday? I stashed a bottle of beer away called “Old Man Winter”, but I’m thinking that “Old Curmudgeon” might be more appropriate. Or should I just find a unique beer someplace in New York?

Let me know what you think — plus, I’ll have 4 days in New York, so if anyone has a New York pub or brew I should keep my eye out for…

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Happy New Year

Posted by: Andy Murphy | Comments (0)

Here we are, 2009.

In these turbulent times — stock market in flux, wars in the Middle East, Nickelodeon canceling SpongeBob SquarePants — it’s comforting to know there will be at least one constant this year:

Me. Drinking one beer a day, every day, with no repeats.

Last night, New Years Eve, I had two glasses of beer at a restaurant before downing champagne. I didn’t really want that second beer, but I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to reply to the waitress, “Sure, I’ll have another IPA.”

So while I’m trying to decide which beer to start this journey with, I wanted to pause and wish everyone a happy new year.

And if your waitress ever asks you about having another, try to say “yes” on my behalf!

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