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Mikkeller Beer Geek Brunch

Posted by: Andy Murphy | Comments (9)

Celebrating the first 100 Days & 100 Brews

We’re 100 days into the year 2009 — and because I have diligently consumed exactly one beer a day all year long (with my trademark “No Repeats” clause), today’s beer means I will have consumed 100 different brews in as many days.

That calls for some real celebration! So before I get into the details of today’s beer, I want to take a moment to thank everyone who has helped make this such an enjoyable experience by commenting on the blog, sending me emails, and following me on (and participating via) Twitter. Your beer suggestions and stories of discovery have helped me stay on track!

So how did I celebrate this 100 beer milestone?

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Harpoon Catamount Maple Wheat

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Can’t just leave the sweet wheats alone, can I?

After yesterday’s Puple Haze debacle, I felt compelled to seek a sweet wheat I could actually describe as tasty; and I was hoping Harpoon’s 100 Barrel Series Catamount Maple Wheat would fit that bill nicely. At the very least, I can say one thing without hesitation — Catamount Maple Wheat is better than yesterday’s beer!

For my readers who aren’t native to the East Coast, a “catamount” is simply another name for a wildcat, or a puma, mountain lion, panther, etc. Here in New England, we call them catamounts. Just go with it.

Catamount Maple Wheat is part of Harpoon’s 100 Barrel Series. The beer is brewed with wheat malt, pale malt, caramel malt, Willamette hops, and real Vermont maple syrup.

The beer poured a rich caramel color and produced a big, bubbly, white head at the top of my wheat beer glass. The initial aroma was of a malty wheat beer, but as I drank the aroma took on more of a sweet, brown sugar profile.

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Abita Purple Haze

Posted by: Andy Murphy | Comments (8)

purple_haze1A couple of my friends from New Orleans have been recommending I try beer from the NOLA area brewer Abita, so when I found a few bottles recently I grabbed them up.

But after drinking Abita’s Purple Haze “Raspberry Wheat Brew”, I’m not sure I want to waste my time drinking any other Abita brews. This beer was nothing like what I expected.

In fact, Purple Haze was less interesting than my ill-fated encounter with Michelob’s Hop Hound Amber Wheat. By comparison, the Purple Haze makes the weak and simple Hop Hound seem like a stellar wheat ale.

So what did I expect?

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Rogue Mocha Porter

Posted by: Andy Murphy | Comments (3)

When I heard that Marc & Aimee were reviewing a Cappuccino Stout today, I decided a Mocha Porter would make the perfect pairing.

But after reading their review, I’m pleased to report that I had a much better experience with my Mocha Porter from Rogue than they had with the Cappuccino Stout from Lagunitas.

Rogue’s Mocha Porter whipped up a frothy head worthy of a cappuccino, but with all the strength and staying power of a double espresso shot. A full five minutes after pouring this beer, it still held a thick, mocha-colored head that had only slightly receded. Where it pulled back, the Mocha Porter left behind an intricate patchwork of lacing. The beer itself was a deep, dark brown — held to the light, you get just the slightest rosy aura.

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Belgium, you make some damned fine beer! I hardly got beyond the Trappist ales over the past two weeks, but the good old U.S.A. is calling be back — I’m craving some strong hops, familiar names, and posts that need less explanation!

stone-cali-belgieSince today is IPA Monday, I can think of no better transition than to drink Stone Brewing Company’s Cali-Belgique IPA. Stone has added some Belgian yeast to its traditional IPA, which does two things. One, it adds some extra layers of flavor to the Stone IPA. And two, it allows me to have another Stone IPA without breaking my “no-repeats” prohibition!

Stone IPA was my inaugural brew for IPA Monday. I described it as:

. . . extremely refreshing and easy to drink. There’s a light, bread-like malt that plays a supporting role, blending carefully with complex citrus and “green” tasting hops . . . The beer has a light, distinctive, and extremely pleasant aftertaste. There’s a residue of warmth and a sweet oiliness at the back of the tongue, almost as if the beer has just melted in your mouth.

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